License SEEKER

Licensed Software available as a service

We understand that many people with have highly experienced and quality analysts that could very effectively conduct the work themselves if they had access to the latest cutting edge tools.

We are making this available to you as a licensed product. Built on existing technologies building and leveraging  the renowned Maltego service we have added an integrated suite of services to search deeper and quicker in a wide range of investigative areas. 

We are convinced that you will be impressed by the speed and depth that Seeker brings. With access to over 50 forms of social media and a wide range of company information databases and capabilities with which your investigations will be significantly enhanced.

Seeker represents significant value for money, saving you time and providing a valuable information from many sources through a single, easy-to-use interface. We have no doubt that over a year Seeker will have saved you money in terms of work hours saved, cases solved, credibility raised and assets identified.

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"Seeker has enabled us to solve many significant cases when others have failed. In 2017 Seeker enabled us to identify over $750 million in hidden assets for clients. Since then we have given up counting. Seeker represents significant value for money."

A Former Serious Organised Crime Agency Senior Manager now Managing Director

"Seeker has blown my mind. I have reviewed many platforms over the years and none are as unique as Seeker. It has enabled me to significantly improve results in a timescale I simply didn’t think was possible"

A Former GCHQ Employee

"We have not seen anything like Seeker. We have tried and failed to put a platform like this together, this is a unique combination."

Senior Director Research and Development, Major IT Company

Analysts Note

SEEKER filters all open source web data including the deep web and closed data sets that have been made available and compares the results against information already held about the subject. SEEKER identifies relevant connections and compares any new discoveries with results from previous searches to ensure that nothing is missed.

All relevant information discovered is mapped onto a malleable intelligence chart so that a base level analysis can be made.

SEEKER examines information from the deep web, elements of the dark web, social media and closed data sets that are all legally accessible. An experienced analyst is able to understand and work with the system in a matter of days.