Investigation Managed Service

Seeker is available to our investigators to help you with your investigation. We describe this as a managed service where our experienced investigators work with you and SEEKER to assess the best and most cost effective solutions to whatever the issue.

SEEKER filters all open source web data including the deep web and closed data sets that have been made available and compares the results against information already held about the subject. SEEKER identifies relevant connections and compares any new discoveries with results from previous searches to ensure that nothing is missed.

All relevant information discovered is mapped onto a malleable intelligence chart so that a base level analysis can be made.

SEEKER examines information from the deep web, elements of the dark web, social media and closed data sets that are all legally accessible. 

What truly sets Harod apart is its team of internationally experienced intelligence and investigation officers. Their unique collective experience ensures that instinct is not lost in the automotive processing and that the collection plan can be quickly adapted to the ever changing needs of a Client.