Cyber Analysis, Research and Monitoring Technology

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New and innovative methodologies must be considered and utilised to tackle the evolving use & abuse of cyberspace

Open Source Cyber Analysis and Research - OSCAR

It is impossible to truly understand a subject without conducting a thorough examination of web based available material. However, the sheer quantity of data contained within individual websites and across social media combined with the inherent limitations of most search engines, means that a subject or profile can only be examined effectively using a tool specifically designed for the purpose.

Harod utilises a suite of proprietary web based tools called SeekerXR and SENTINEL that are known collectively as OSCAR.  OSCAR can be used to conduct a thorough base level study of any given subject and then used to proactively monitor threat indicators and gather real time information, intelligence and evidence on a virtual basis worldwide.

Harod uses cutting edge technology to better inform decision makers what ever the subject. Although OSCAR is unique, what truly sets Harod apart is its team of internationally experienced intelligence and investigation officers. Their unique collective experience ensures that instinct is not lost in the automotive processing and that the collection plan can be quickly adapted to the ever changing needs of a Client.